My Beloved,

I know you and I love you. I know your words before you speak them, I know your thoughts before you think them, and I am always fully aware of the number of hairs on your head. Yes Beloved, despite your doubts, I know you that well.

You are in the middle of a war, Beloved. This battle is waged in the world of the unseen. In the conversations you have with people and situations and circumstances around you, you are not the only one involved. The thoughts that you hear in your head that sometimes sound like you might are sometimes not from you at all. The enemy is constantly on the prowl, and although they cannot know you fully like I do, they are shameless in their battle tactics. If they see an opportunity to promote their cause of evil, they’ll jump on it.

But I am right in the thick of this battle with you. If the shots from the enemy wound you, come to Me. I love you more than you can understand, and I don’t mind when you come to Me battle-weary and wounded. In fact, I’m honored when you do. I long to bandage up your wounds with the truth of how much I adore you and how proud I am of you. Know that I’m only allowing this battle to rage on longer for the sake of sharing My great love with others who are sadly unaware of it.

When you are under attack and panicked, come to Me. Do not leave My presence until you feel My peace. When you can’t hear My words, go to one of your brothers or sisters who know Me and ask them for help. Ask them to remind you of who I am and what I feel toward you. Ask them to remind you of what is true, and what will forever be true.

Step out in the confidence of a warrior. It’s okay to step out boldly when your confidence is in Me. I have given you the authority to wield the sword of truth and to enforce the freedom I died to give you. The enemy cannot stand in the presence of truth. Resist him by believing and putting the weight of your life on what I have written to you in My Word. When you do that, he will flee from you. I am in control. Refuse to fear.

Do not get discouraged if you have setbacks. Have you forgotten? Great victories are often followed by great challenges. The enemy will attack you with more intensity when you are a threat to him. So when attacks come, rejoice! It is obvious to him that you are taking a stand for Me. Be assured that I am well aware of the stand you’re taking too – and I am so proud!

Please heed My commands. When I tell you that certain ways lead to life and certain ways lead to death, do you not understand that I am telling you about reality? My heart is good. My commands are good. My plans are good. And I am working in every situation, in every circumstance, and at every time for good.

I know this battle is tough sometimes. Please know that I am at work, Beloved. I am fighting this battle and I’m busy preparing a place for you.

I am love, Beloved. And love cannot fail. The enemy has been defeated and we will be victorious. And very soon, you will see yourself as I have seen you all along.

You Hero.


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