I saw this video this morning and was so inspired, I had to watch it at least 5 more times.

A Spartan Race was NEVER on my list of things to do in my life… Never.

At least, not until someone challenged me with the question, “WHY NOT ME?”

See, when we believe the lie that people like US don’t do things like THAT, we limit ourselves.

When you believe people like you can’t be successful in business…
Or people like you can’t lose weight…
Or people like you can’t travel the world…
Or people like you will never have a passionate marriage…
Or people like you can’t be a good parent…
Or people like you can’t run a marathon…
Or people like you can’t build homes for the extreme poor in another country…
Or people like you can’t make millions of dollars…

When you believe those things, that becomes your reality.


A few months ago, my friend Sommer challenged me to dream again. Challenged me to set goals again. Challenged me to leave my old, limited belief systems behind, and do something GREAT.

And it started with one tiny goal. One little DAILY goal we set, in order to overcome a challenge I was facing at the time.

But to me, it was a huge, difficult (some days nearly impossible) goal. But one day at a time, I began to hit that goal. Then I began to consistently exceed the goal.

And as I got a few small victories under my belt, my confidence began to grow. And as my confidence grew, I discovered that I HAD WHAT IT TAKES to set goals and to accomplish them!

So I started setting bigger goals. Tougher goals. More challenging goals.

And I learned that I could accomplish THOSE goals, too! I learned that I CAN DO HARD THINGS!

The old me would never DREAM of setting out to accomplish something like a half-marathon, or a Spartan Race, or a triathlon, or a marathon – all of which are now taking place in 2017.

The old me would never set a goal to climb Mt. Rainier, or to go diving with great white sharks in South Africa, or go on an 8-day sea kayaking trip, or go skydiving or bungee jumping.

The old me would have said, “People like me just don’t do things like that…” or, “It’s too dangerous…”

The old me never dared to ask the question, “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?” Because the old me KNEW I was going to fail anyway, so there was no point in even answering the question.

But the new me? The new me is full of fire. Passion. Courage. Determination. Drive. Diligence. And dare I say…CONFIDENCE.

The new me knows I am capable. I am strong. I CAN do this.

The new me knows it won’t be easy. The new me knows I will have to train for it, work for it, overcome obstacles for it, climb – no, move – mountains for it.

But the new me also knows it will be WORTH it.

The new me looks at a challenge, looks at a goal, looks at an opportunity, and says, “WHY NOT ME?”

Because the new me knows there’s NOTHING I can’t do, be, or have.

And that? That is a beautiful, powerful thing. And well, you just can’t put a price tag on that.

So, my question for you today is this: When is the last time you said, “Why NOT me?”


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