Someone recently asked me what my biggest challenge through this journey has been, and it got me thinking…

Even at the beginning, when I started running and working out (at 307.6 pounds), my biggest challenge was NOT my body.

It wasn’t the 160 extra pounds I was carrying. It wasn’t my back or my knees. It wasn’t my burning legs or my aching lungs as I walked up the small hill in my neighborhood. It wasn’t the fact that I was out of breath walking from the parking lot to my office.

My biggest challenge was my MIND. (As my friend Sommer Tucker says, it was my “BS 🙊 – believe systems” 😂)

It was the voice inside of me, whispering (and sometimes screaming), “You can’t do this. You’re too fat. People like you can’t do things like this. You’ll never make it. You should just give up now.”

It was the thoughts I’ve had since I was 5 years old, reminding me that I’ve ALWAYS been fat, and that’s all I’ll EVER be. Or that people don’t like the fat girl. Or that nobody would ever love me, nobody would accept me, so I should just settle for whatever I can get in this life…because I was fat. Or that things come easy to other people because they’re skinny, but I would always have to work twice as hard as everyone else just to get half as much…because I was fat. Or that I could never accomplish anything great, never BE anything great, never enjoy a full, happy, healthy life…because I was fat.

It was the belief that I would never be good enough, strong enough, thin enough, pretty enough, healthy enough, alive enough to do anything… that there would ALWAYS be limitations on my life… that I shouldn’t even bother setting goals, because I would just be disappointed.

Do you see how all of those thoughts and beliefs have limited me more than my body ever has?

It wasn’t until I started to CHANGE what was going on inside of my head that my body began to FOLLOW.

Because, you see, your physical body can only achieve what your MIND believes.

So, think about what would happen if you chose to CHANGE your beliefs? (Even if you don’t feel it!)

👉🏻 “I CAN,” instead of “I can’t.”
👉🏻 “I’ll give it my BEST SHOT,” instead of “I’m just not cut out for this.”
👉🏻 “What if I MAKE IT?” instead of “What if I fail?”
👉🏻 “I’m doing this, no matter what,” instead of “There’s no way I’ll ever make it.”
👉🏻 “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens me,” instead of “I’m going to fail anyway, why even try?”

And man, I’m telling you, when those new beliefs move from your MIND to your HEART, WATCH OUT WORLD, because there’s no stopping you!!!

Seriously! You will become UNSTOPPABLE!!! You become FREE to be who your Father created you to be! You step into your TRUE identity as an OVERCOMER!

And then, man, there’s NO LIMIT to what you can achieve!

(And we’re not just talking about your physical body, anymore, either!)


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