Thanks for visiting MaryHoward.me! I’m so glad to have you here. I hope you’ll stick around!

If this is your first time here, or if I don’t know you in real life, you’re probably wondering who the heck this Mary Howard chick is. (It’s okay, I wonder that all the time…)

So here goes! I’m Mary. (Duh.) I’m 27 years old, and I’m a Texas girl, born and raised. I’m a writer, a music lover, a Facebook addict, a Twitter retard, an over-analyzer, over-thinker, unintentional loud-mouth, and a subtly charming troublemaker. I’m also prone to fits of uncontrollable laughter (which may or may not involve snorts, squeaks, and other ridiculous noises. Don’t judge me.). I love cooking, hugs, and babies. I study Hebrew for fun. Few things excite me more than literally anything related to Hebrew (language, culture, people, etc.).

I work for an amazing company called Destiny Global (DaniJohnson.com), which helps people to succeed in every area of their lives – business, career, finances, relationships, spiritual, family. I am unbelievably blessed to do the work I get to do every day. My official title is Content Writer, but that doesn’t really tell you anything. (It’s okay…when people ask me what I do, my answer is different every time. Mostly because it’s never a simple answer…) I get to work on lots of different projects, from writing content for a national TV/radio show to helping to create new products to editing books. It’s a lot of fun, and there’s always something new to learn!

When I’m not working, you will find me studying the Bible, playing my guitar, crocheting, or baking cupcakes. Or doing slightly less productive things, like hiding out in my room watching Netflix, coloring in Barbie coloring books, or scrolling through Pinterest, pinning things I will likely never think about again, much less actually do.

I’ll be honest with you… I didn’t start this blog because I had something to say. In fact, I didn’t want to write. At all. Not even a little bit.

See, I’m a writer. That’s just what I do. But I write for me. Sure, I write for work, but those aren’t really my words. Those aren’t really my thoughts. That’s easy. I can write someone else’s words all day – and I do. But writing my words, my thoughts, my ideas and putting them out there for you to read them? That’s a completely different story.

And to be honest, it scares me, even to this day. Yep, I said it. Blogging scares me. Being an open book scares me.

So why did I start this blog? Because it scares me, and I don’t like being scared. Of anything. And I’ve found that the best way to overcome fear is to face it head-on.

This blog has evolved quite a bit since it began on September 18, 2012. I’ll admit, I ignored it for a couple of years. I only posted a few times a year, and most of the time, I completely forgot it existed. Until one day recently, when God put a desire deep inside of me to write.

I’ve been on an incredible journey for the last couple of years. A miraculous journey. A journey I believe must be shared. Not for my glory, but to glorify my Father in heaven.

So I will write. I will share. I will be open, honest, and vulnerable. I will make myself uncomfortable. I will put myself out there, because I know the power of words, the power of testimony, the power of encouragement, the power of truth. And if the things I write helps even one person, then it’s worth putting myself on the line and risking my reputation.

My goal, as a writer, has always been to write words that speak to people right where they are. Words that bring hope, revelation, and healing. Words that carry the truth that sets people free. Because the reality is, these things are needed more today than ever before. We live in a dark world, a world full of evil, in a time when good is called evil and evil is called good. There is a great void in the world today, and truth – God’s truth – is the only thing that can fill that void.

So that’s why I’m here, doing what I do. I’d like to invite you to be part of this, too. You can get email updates when new posts are published by clicking the “Subscribe” button in the sidebar. If you like what you read here at MaryHoward.me, please share it with your friends and family on Facebook!

This is me:

Mary Howard

This is my family:



And this is a picture of a cat drinking lemonade: (Not my cat…just A cat…)

Cat drinking lemonade


One thought on “About

  1. You Mary Howard bless me! You are beautiful, brilliant, & bold! Good to see you are not a wicked lazy servant, you are USING your TALENTS! Love you, so proud of you! Love your posts, they inspire, promote joy, and me too’s! Stepping out … is a sweet, sweet thing!


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