Holocaust Remembrance Day: We Remember, We Honor, We Stand

I will never forget the anger I felt that day, as the history I learned about in school became real. 11 million innocent people were killed because SOMEBODY ELSE decided they didn't deserve to live. Somebody else decided they were inferior. Dirty. Untouchable. Unlovable. A blemish on the face of the human race. So today, we remember.


Porn Doesn’t Give A _____ About YOU! Feat. Rav Natan Alexander

We live in a day and age when ANYONE can throw a video up on YouTube and call themselves an expert. I was NOT about to become another "wannabe expert" talking about something I don't have experience or expertise in… So, I sought out the REAL expert!

Depression Is A Beast…But It Doesn’t Get To Win Today

Depression is a beast. It's a beast I've fought many times. A beast I have stood face to face with, even recently. I stared into its cold, black eyes and I felt its warm breath on my face, sending a shiver down my spine. This beast dug its sharp claws into my flesh, ripping it to shreds. I wrapped my arms around myself, doing my best to hold myself together. Just hold on…someone will find me…someone will come. Just don't let the beast win.

I Was A Good Christian Porn Addict

I've always been the "good" girl. Always followed the rules (for the most part). Never did drugs, never snuck out of the house, never got in any real trouble. I was compliant. Eager to please. Teacher's pet. Brown-noser. Girl scout. Church-goer. 2nd chair percussionist in the band. Worship leader. But I bet you're not expecting this one: Porn addict...