Why Not Me? Why Not YOU???

What if... What if you KNEW you couldn't fail? What if you KNEW there was NOTHING you couldn't do, be, or have? What if you had the fire, the passion, the courage, the determination, the drive, the diligence, the confidence to pursue those wild, crazy dreams buried deep inside of you? What would happen if you DARED to say, "Why NOT me???" It's time to find out!


Does The Scale DEFINE You?

The sale has defined me. It has stolen my hope and killed my peace. It has turned great days into miserable ones. It has turned my joy into torment. It has defeated me. And I do NOT like being defeated...

You’re Going To FAIL!!! (And That’s Okay!)

Failures happen! No matter who you are, what you do, what challenge you’re overcoming, what obstacle you are busting through, or how long you’ve been at this thing called “success” or “life”. You WILL have “off” days. You WILL have days when you just completely miss the mark. IT HAPPENS! So, how do you handle those days? How do you come back from that?

FAT: A Story About Running, Eating Disorders And Loving Myself

When you hate yourself, hate your body, hate your life, you won’t do what is good for you. You won’t pursue what is good, noble, pure and praiseworthy. You may start out with good intentions, but self-hate will always self-sabotage. It's time to put an END to that self-hate!

I Was A Good Christian Porn Addict

I've always been the "good" girl. Always followed the rules (for the most part). Never did drugs, never snuck out of the house, never got in any real trouble. I was compliant. Eager to please. Teacher's pet. Brown-noser. Girl scout. Church-goer. 2nd chair percussionist in the band. Worship leader. But I bet you're not expecting this one: Porn addict...